A map visualization of periodic markets in different cities.
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Wo ist Markt?

A small visualization of the weekly markets in different cities. Available at: http://wo-ist-markt.de

Project description

Wo ist Markt? aims at providing an easy to use website for market information. Visitors of the website should be able to intuitively get answers to the following questions:

  • Where does a market take place?
  • When does a market take place?

Therefore, the website shows the position of markets as markers on a map. Each marker can be clicked or tapped to reveal the detail information associated with this market - most important, the opening hours. This can been seen on the following screenshot.

Screenshot of the website (Showing Karlsruhe)

Kinds of markets

The project is not limited to specific kinds of markets. Typical markets in cities are:

  • Farmer markets (selling vegetable, fruits, fish, plants, ...)
  • Flea markets (selling used stuff, antique goods, ...)

Market data

The actual information (title, location, opening hours, ...) about the markets can be provided by anyone. In the optimal case it is provided by a city as open data. If not, any volunteer can collect such data and contribute it to the project. Market data must be maintained individually. There is no central project team to take care of updating data of multiple cities. This is a distributed project. This is also the reason why cities are missing. It needs someone to retrieve and add the data. It is of your choice if you collect the data manually or if you automate it with a script. If you need inspiration on how to automate this have a look at the preprocessing folder.

Project history

The project has been started by @torfsen as part of the Open Knowledge Lab Karlsruhe in February 2015. To support more cities the code has been refactored by @johnjohndoe as part of the Open Knowledge Lab Berlin in February 2016.


  • The individual market data for supported cities is displayed when the city name is given in the address bar of the browser.

    Example: http://wo-ist-markt.de/#karlsruhe.

    By default or on error Karlsruhe is rendered.


  • You are very welcome to get involved in the project. Therefore, we prepared a contribution guide which explains how to add market data and how to start coding on the project.


  • Please use the GitHub issue tracker to discuss new and existing ideas.
  • Come join the converation about this project in our Slack channel. Write to tobias DOT preuss AT googlemail DOT com if you need an invitation for the Slack group.

Supported cities

City name Data source
Bad Homburg Stadt Bad Homburg
Basel Stadt Basel
Berlin City of Berlin
Bochum City of Bochum
Bonn City of Bonn
Bottrop City of Bottrop
Braunschweig City of Braunschweig
Bremerhaven City of Bremerhaven
Bretten City of Bretten
Bruchköbel Stadtmarketing Bruchköbel GmbH
Brühl Stadt Brühl
Chemnitz City of Chemnitz
Cottbus City of Cottbus
Dortmund City of Dortmund
Dresden City of Dresden
Duisburg Duisburg Kontor GmbH
Düsseldorf City of Düsseldorf
Erlangen City of Erlangen
Essen EVB
Frankfurt am Main City of Frankfurt am Main
Freiburg City of Freiburg
Friedrichsdorf City of Friedrichsdorf
Gelsenkirchen Gelsendienste
Hagen City of Hagen
Hamburg City of Hamburg
Hamm City of Hamm
Hanau City of Hanau
Hannover City of Hannover
Herne City of Herne
Hilden City of Hilden
Kaiserslautern City of Kaiserslautern
Karlsruhe City of Karlsruhe
Kassel City of Kassel
Kiel City of Kiel
Kleve City of Kleve
Köln City of Köln
Langenfeld (Rhld.) City of Langenfeld (Rhld.)
Laupheim Laupheim
Leipzig City of Leipzig
Loxstedt City of Loxstedt
Moers City of Moers
Mülheim an der Ruhr City of Mülheim an der Ruhr
München City of München
Münster City of Münster
Nersingen City of Nersingen
Neu-Ulm City of Neu-Ulm
Oberursel City of Oberursel
Oldenburg City of Oldenburg (Oldb)
Osnabrueck City of Osnabrueck
Paderborn City of Paderborn
Potsdam City of Potsdam
Rostock City of Rostock
Schleswig City of Schleswig
Schwerin City of Schwerin
Siegen City of Siegen
Solingen City of Solingen
Stralsund City of Stralsund
Suhl City of Suhl
Trier City of Trier
Tübingen Wochenmarkt - Universitätsstadt Tübingen
Ulm City of Ulm
Wiesbaden City of Wiesbaden
Witten Stadtmarketing Witten
Wolfenbüttel Stadt Wolfenbüttel
Wuppertal City of Wuppertal
Zwickau Kultour Z.


Tests can be run using npm:

$ npm install  # Just once after you've cloned the repo

$ npm test     # Whenever you want to run the tests


When new code is pushed to master Travis CI runs a test suite against it. If those test pass fabric is used to deploy the new version to the server running under https://wo-ist-markt.de.

The command that Travis CI executes is fab deploy -i markt_deploy_id_rsa -H deploy@kiesinger.okfn.de:2207 where markt_deploy_id_rsa is an ssh key to log into the server. It is commited to this repository in a encrypted format that Travis CI decrypts in the before_install section.

You can run the deployment locally if your ssh key is added to the deploy user on the server. Since Travis CI does it automatically there should be no need to do this though. The command to deploy manually is: fab deploy -H deploy@kiesinger.okfn.de:2207.