Select the most often used headers in project and put them into precompiled header
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Copyright (C) 2012 Łukasz Czerwiński


PCHGenerator is a tool to help generate precompiled header. It scans all source files in a project, selects the most frequently used headers and puts them into the precompiled header.



python >2.7

How to use it?

  1. Run to generate precompiled.h file
    $ -c="-I/usr/lib/boost" main.cpp test.cpp
    $ cat precompiled.h
    // File generated by  :
    // Compilation options: -I/usr/lib/boost
    // Project path       : /home/project*
    // Threshold          : 1
    // Exclude pattern    :
    // Exclude but pattern:
    #include "/ ... /include/c++/3.4.5/iostream"
    #include "/ ... /include/c++/3.4.5/vector"
  2. Compile precompiled.h into precompiled.gch
    $ g++ -I d:\boost precompiled.h
  3. Compile your project using prcompiled.gch according to the g++ manual. For details check here gnu g++ or here stackoverflow.


Maybe some day in the future I will do

  • add some support for CLang
  • add some support for Microsoft Visual C++