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master branch: v3.0+

v2 branch: v2.x


How to run the source code?

  1. Download and install AutoHotkey (v1.1.+)
  2. Clone the Capslock+ source code
  3. Run Capslock+.ahk

How to set a custom function to a hotkey?

  1. There is a key function keyFunc_example2 in demo.ahk.
  2. Add below setting under the [Keys] section in CapsLock+settings.ini: caps_f7=keyFunc_example2
  3. Save, reload Capslock+ (CapsLock+F5)
  4. Press CapsLock+F7 to invoke the function
  • In order to avoid calling the internal functions, all the key functions are restricted to start with keyfunc_

An example here:

Replace Capslock+Q with Listary

Listary is a good app launcher, now I want to add two features to it:

  1. Activate Listary with CapsLock+Q
  2. I want to fill the selected text into the pop-up text input box

We can make it like this:

  1. Copy the following code to /userAHK/main.ahk:
    ; Get the selected text

    ; Send win+F (the default hotkey of Listary) to activate Listary
    sendinput, #{f}

    ; Wait until Listary is activated
    winwait, ahk_exe Listary.exe, , 0.5

    ; If there is any selected text
        ; Add "gg " before the selected text to google
        selText:="gg " . selText

        ; Fill the text, and press `home` key to move the cursor to the beginning,
        ; in order to add other keywords if you need.
        sendinput, %selText%{home}
  1. Add a setting caps_q=keyfunc_listary() under [Keys] section in CapsLock+settings.ini, save, press CapsLock+F5 to reload, done.

How to modify the original functions?

CapsLock+.ahk is the entry file, library files are in the /lib folder, the function of each file is as follows:

Filename Description
lib_bindWins.ahk Window binding
lib_clQ.ahk qbar
lib_clTab.ahk CapsLock+Tab
lib_functions.ahk Some utils
lib_init.ahk Program initialization
lib_jsEval.ahk The calculation function implemented by using the IE engine, required by Math Board and CapsLock+Tab
lib_json.ahk json library
lib_keysFunction.ahk All the key functions
lib_keysSet.ahk Hotkey layouts
lib_loadAnimation.ahk Loading animation when the program starts
lib_mathBoard.ahk Math Board
lib_mouseSpeed.ahk Mouse speed modification
lib_settings.ahk Load the settings in CapsLock+settings.ini
lib_ydTrans.ahk Youdao Translation