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Container for Alpine Linux + Python3 + AWS-CLI

This image serves as the base container for applications / services that require AWSCLI from the terminal or use Boto3 programmatically using Python3, includes Pip and a few tools like eb cli for managing Elastic Beanstalk, and cfn-lint cfn-flip, and sceptre for cloudformation.

Based on Alpine Linux from my alpine-python3 image with the s6 init system overlayed in it.

The image is tagged respectively for the following architectures,

  • armhf
  • armv7l
  • aarch64
  • x86_64 (retagged as the latest )

non-x86_64 builds have embedded binfmt_misc support and contain the qemu-user-static binary that allows for running it also inside an x86_64 environment that has it.

Get the Image

Pull the image for your architecture it's already available from Docker Hub.

# make pull
docker pull woahbase/alpine-awscli:x86_64


If you want to run images for other architectures, you will need to have binfmt support configured for your machine. multiarch, has made it easy for us containing that into a docker container.

# make regbinfmt
docker run --rm --privileged multiarch/qemu-user-static:register --reset

Without the above, you can still run the image that is made for your architecture, e.g for an x86_64 machine..

This images already has a user alpine configured to drop privileges to the passed PUID/PGID which is ideal if its used to run in non-root mode. That way you only need to specify the values at runtime and pass the -u alpine if need be. (run id in your terminal to see your own PUID/PGID values.)

Mount your aws configuration inside the container at /home/alpine/.aws, and run the command aws under the user alpine. You can also mount any directory (default: the current directory $PWD) at /home/alpine to launch scripts from directly.

Running make starts a shell.

# make
docker run --rm -it \
  --name docker_awscli --hostname awscli \
  -e PGID=1000 -e PUID=1000 \
  -u alpine \
  -v data:/home/alpine --workdir /home/alpine \
  woahbase/alpine-awscli:x86_64 \

Stop the container with a timeout, (defaults to 2 seconds)

# make stop
docker stop -t 2 docker_awscli

Removes the container, (always better to stop it first and -f only when needed most)

# make rm
docker rm -f docker_awscli

Restart the container with

# make restart
docker restart docker_awscli

Shell access

Get a shell inside a already running container,

# make debug
docker exec -it docker_awscli /bin/bash

set user or login as root,

# make rdebug
docker exec -u root -it docker_awscli /bin/bash

To check logs of a running container in real time

# make logs
docker logs -f docker_awscli


If you have the repository access, you can clone and build the image yourself for your own system, and can push after.


Before you clone the repo, you must have Git, GNU make, and Docker setup on the machine.

git clone
cd alpine-awscli

You can always skip installing make but you will have to type the whole docker commands then instead of using the sweet make targets.


You need to have binfmt_misc configured in your system to be able to build images for other architectures.

Otherwise to locally build the image for your system. [ARCH defaults to x86_64, need to be explicit when building for other architectures.]

# make ARCH=x86_64 build
# sets up binfmt if not x86_64
docker build --rm --compress --force-rm \
  --no-cache=true --pull \
  -f ./Dockerfile_x86_64 \
  --build-arg DOCKERSRC=woahbase/alpine-python3:x86_64 \
  --build-arg PGID=1000 \
  --build-arg PUID=1000 \
  -t woahbase/alpine-awscli:x86_64 \

To check if its working..

# make ARCH=x86_64 test
docker run --rm -it \
  --name docker_awscli --hostname awscli \
  -e PGID=1000 -e PUID=1000 \
  woahbase/alpine-awscli:x86_64 \
  aws --version

And finally, if you have push access,

# make ARCH=x86_64 push
docker push woahbase/alpine-awscli:x86_64


Sources at Github. Built at (armhf / x64 builds). Images at Docker hub. Metadata at Microbadger.

Maintained by WOAHBase.


AWS Cli + Boto3 based on Alpine Linux + S6 + Python3







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