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Azure function to generate a proper Swagger definition for Azure functions
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AzureFunction Swagger Definition Generator

Author Twitter
Mikael Svenson @mikaelsvenson

Azure function to generate a proper Swagger definition for the other Azure functions in your project.

Maybe a bit meta ;)

Notes and reflection on my part

  • The Swagger generator will only create 200 return codes. If you have other return codes you need to specify them manually.
    • As an example, you might want to return 201 (Created) if your operation creates something.
  • It's recommended to use objects as both input and output parameters, as they are most descriptive
  • It's recommended to use POST over GET for complex input, as chanses of encoding issues etc. are smaller.
  • See Templates.cs for common useful Function signatures.
  • I don't fine the default in parameter HttpRequestMessage all that useful, as generating Swagger from random input is quite hard. Better to pass in a typed request object.
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