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Poet, drag performer, vers top.
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Wo Chan

my mommy let me have a website

About was designed and coded by Kyle Decker. It was built with Jekyll and it's freely hosted on Github Pages served with the help of Cloudflare. Namecheap is the domain registrar.

It couldn't have been made without these applications,

these plugins or helpful snippets,

and two friends that were willing to say yes to almost every dumb idea they came up with.


The website features photography by Haley Varacallo and Armon Burton.


Typefaces used are Acme Regular by Huerta Tipográfica and Space Mono by Colophon Foundry. Webfonts generated by Font Squirrel.

Notes to Self

To gernerate low quality svgs for lazyloading

sqip -o output.svg input.jpg


Feel free to fork this and do whatever you like. Please don't directly copy or steal the work here. We're artists and we work hard to develop our craft. If you do make something cool with this or are just inspired by it, I'd love to hear from you at :)

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