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The patch in this directory applies to the KitchenSink-1.2.1 from the CopperSpice project.

The following changes were made:

 * Removed html_browser, web_viewer, musicplayer
   Because of dependency to webkit and phonon.

 * Ported to Qt5 by adding a .pro file, fixing a few compilations error notably in the includes
   (because <QtGui> does not include QtWidgets)

 * Added an #include to cs_abstraction.h which allow to convert CS_ macro to Qt one

 * Added support for verdigris in cs_abstraction.

Build with Copperspice:  (the $CS_HOME need to be set accordingly)
 ./configure && make

Build with Qt5:
 qmake && make

Build with Verdigris
 git ls-files -- src | xargs sed -i "/struct dummy { Q_OBJECT };/d"    # Optional, to avoid moc run
 qmake DEFINES+=USE_VERDIGRIS INCLUDEPATH+=path/to/verdigris/src