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# Build WOCE goodness
.PHONY: woce-toolchain woce-headers clobber
.PHONY: qt4 luna-sysmgr webkit-depends webkit
.PHONY: default woce webos-ports custom
include $(LEVEL)/Makefile.common
# To build packages, we need the toolchain and the staging dir setup
# For now, just list packages to be built here, in a working order.
build:: linkdirs
$(MAKE) woce-toolchain woce-headers
$(MAKE) isis
$(MAKE) luna-sysmgr
@echo "Build Success! New LunaSysMgr available at:"
@echo `readlink -f packages/sysmgr/luna-sysmgr/build/$(CONFIG)/armv7-stage/release-topaz/LunaSysMgr`
# For now, manually create phony targets for building each package,
# and also manually manage dependencies.
# Grabbing WIDK's DEPENDS and automatic target creation support
# should be done once this gets non-trivial to do by hand.
$(MAKE) -C packages/sysmgr/qt4
luna-sysmgr: qt4
$(MAKE) -C packages/sysmgr/luna-sysmgr
webkit-depends: downloads/.zlib downloads/.freetype qt4 npapi
# This is a mess... Need to clean it up...
scripts/ $(LEVEL)
touch $@
scripts/ $(LEVEL)
touch $@
$(call DL,ISIS)
### Unpack the software and build it
packages/isis/build/$(CONFIG)/.unpacked: $(ISIS_DL)
-rm -rf packages/isis/build/$(CONFIG)
mkdir -p packages/isis/build/$(CONFIG)/src
$(call EXTRACT,ISIS,packages/isis/build/$(CONFIG)/src,--strip=1)
touch $@
isis-download: packages/isis/build/$(CONFIG)/.unpacked
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.AdapterBase
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.npapi
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.cmakemodules
pbnjson: cmakemodules
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.pbnjson
pmcertificatemgr: cmakemodules
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.pmcertmgr
browseradapter: npapi pbnjson adapterbase browserserver
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.BrowserAdapter
browserserver: webkitsupplemental pmcertificatemgr
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.BrowserServer
webkit: webkit-depends
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.WebKit
webkitsupplemental: webkit
$(MAKE) -C packages/isis -f Makefile.WebKitSupplemental
echo "Need to do something about enyo1"
webview: enyo1
echo "Need to do something about webview"
isis: isis-download browseradapter browserserver webview
echo "We'll need to run a palm-package"
# Download and extract the toolchain
woce-toolchain: toolchain/$(WOCE_TOOLCHAIN)/.unpacked
# Grab the rootfs, stage it, and add our required headers
woce-headers: staging/$(WOCE_ARCH)/usr/include/.staged
# Cleanup everything other than the downloads (which are sacred)
rm -rf rootfs
rm -rf staging
rm -rf packages/sysmgr/*/build