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Fix the echo'd LunaSysMgr to include the new CONFIG build path portion.

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1 parent d5ecfb7 commit b3b89c1fc2d0b0bb4687d266f0742eadaaf1869a @dtzWill dtzWill committed Jul 1, 2012
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ build:: linkdirs
$(MAKE) luna-sysmgr
@echo "Build Success! New LunaSysMgr available at:"
- @echo `readlink -f packages/sysmgr/luna-sysmgr/build/armv7-stage/release-topaz/LunaSysMgr`
+ @echo `readlink -f packages/sysmgr/luna-sysmgr/build/$(CONFIG)/armv7-stage/release-topaz/LunaSysMgr`
# For now, manually create phony targets for building each package,

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