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About Project Wonder

Project Wonder is the largest open source collection of reusable WebObjects frameworks, applications and extensions. Also included in the Wonder collection are deployment software and web server adaptors.

Project Wonder builds upon, extends and enhances WebObjects, along with automatically patching bugs in the core WebObjects frameworks. If you know Java, then Project Wonder is a very powerful and productive set of frameworks to build and deploy everything from basic dynamic web applications to high traffic, scalable multi-function server applications.

What Can I Create With Project Wonder?

  • Classic Web Applications. Everything you need to integrate with popular SQL database servers, server dynamic web pages, including Ajax functionality, and manage session-based user interaction with your application via a web browser.
  • Server Applications that service requests from custom client front ends. iTunes itself is an example of a desktop application that interacts with a Project Wonder based serverside application.
  • REST server. Everything you need to quickly build a database-backed server application that integrates with REST clients in many popular request/response formats including xml, json, and plist.


To be proficent in developing web applications with Project Wonder, the following foundation skills and knowledge will be helpful:

The Basics

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java

Even Better

  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Design Patterns
  • git

Getting Started

If you are new to Project Wonder you should look at the community's Getting Started Guide


Check the community wiki for more details on Project Wonder.

Typical Deployment Stack

  • Database Server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, etc.)
  • Application Server (Project Wonder application on Linux or OS X. Some people even deploy on Windows)
  • Apache Server (Apache with WebObjects adaptor module, mod_WebObjects)

Depending on your traffic and application load, the entire stack can run on as little as a 512MB Linux VPS or on a setup that includes thousands of servers that share the load of each component in the stack.

Building from Source

See BUILD.txt to find out how to build Wonder.


Binaries can be downloaded from the releases page or community build server


You can find changelogs for older releases in the Wiki section or for more recent releases on the releases page.

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