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Wodby is an applications management platform. We help developer deploy and manage their applications across cloud providers. Wodby is not a hosting provider, we do not sell compute powers, instead you bring your own server/cluster from any cloud provider you want. We deploy, maintain infrastructure and stacks on your own server(s).

The infrastructure we provide is strictly container-based and runs on Kubernetes and Docker. Our mission is to simplify the life of developers by automating most common tasks for infrastructure management and stacks maintenance.

This repository contains the central issue tracker for the Wodby platform.

Our name

Wodby pronounced as wɔːdbi. Wodby is a name of a water spirit in a slavic mythology ( Vodyanoy or Wodby in Upper Sorbian language.


Documentation for Wodby platform can be found at If you're looking for a documentation of a specific stack, you can find the URL on a stack page under


All managed and community stacks can be found at




For developers


Our docker images

You can find our public docker images at

Notable open-source projects