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Docker-based Drupal stack

Build Status


Docker4Drupal is a set of docker images optimized for Drupal. Use docker-compose.yml file from the latest stable release to spin up local environment on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


The Drupal stack consist of the following containers:

Container Versions Image ARM64 support Enabled by default
Nginx 1.23, 1.22, 1.21 wodby/nginx
Apache 2.4 wodby/apache
Drupal 10, 9, 7 wodby/drupal
PHP 8.2, 8.1, 8.0 wodby/drupal-php
Crond wodby/drupal-php
MariaDB 10.9-10.3 wodby/mariadb
PostgreSQL 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 wodby/postgres
Redis 7, 6, 5 wodby/redis
Memcached 1 wodby/memcached
Varnish 6.0, 4.1 wodby/varnish
Node.js 18, 16, 14 wodby/node
Drupal node 1.0 wodby/drupal-node
Solr 8, 7, 6, 5 wodby/solr
Zookeeper 3.8 zookeeper
Elasticsearch 7, 6 wodby/elasticsearch
Kibana 7, 6 wodby/kibana
OpenSMTPD 6.0 wodby/opensmtpd
Mailhog latest mailhog/mailhog
AthenaPDF 2.16.0 arachnysdocker/athenapdf-service
Rsyslog latest wodby/rsyslog
Webgrind 1 wodby/webgrind
Xhprof viewer latest wodby/xhprof
Adminer 4.6 wodby/adminer
phpMyAdmin latest phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin
Selenium chrome 3.141 selenium/standalone-chrome
Traefik latest _/traefik

Supported Drupal versions: 10 / 9 / 7


Full documentation is available at

Image's tags

Images' tags format is [VERSION]-[STABILITY_TAG] where:

[VERSION] is the version of an application (without patch version) running in a container, e.g. wodby/nginx:1.15-x.x.x where Nginx version is 1.15 and x.x.x is a stability tag. For some images we include both major and minor version like PHP 7.2, for others we include only major like Redis 5.

[STABILITY_TAG] is the version of an image that corresponds to a git tag of the image repository, e.g. wodby/mariadb:10.2-3.3.8 has MariaDB 10.2 and stability tag 3.3.8. New stability tags include patch updates for applications and image's fixes/improvements (new env vars, orchestration actions fixes, etc). Stability tag changes described in the corresponding a git tag description. Stability tags follow semantic versioning.

We highly encourage to use images only with stability tags.


We regularly update images used in this stack and release them together, see releases page for full changelog and update instructions. Most of routine updates for images and this project performed by the bot via scripts located at wodby/images.

Beyond local environment

Docker4Drupal is a project designed to help you spin up local environment with docker-compose. If you want to deploy a consistent stack with orchestrations to your own server, check out Drupal stack on Wodby .

Other Docker4x projects


This project is licensed under the MIT open source license.