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Vanilla Drupal Docker Container Image

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Docker Images

❗For better reliability we release images with stability tags (wodby/drupal:8-X.X.X) which correspond to git tags. We strongly recommend using images only with stability tags.


Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links Drupal PHP
8-7.2, 8, latest (Dockerfile) 8 7.2
8-7.1 (Dockerfile) 8 7.1
8-7.0 (Dockerfile) 8 7.0
7-7.2, 7 (Dockerfile) 7 7.2
7-7.1 (Dockerfile) 7 7.1
7-7.0 (Dockerfile) 7 7.0
7-5.6 (Dockerfile) 7 5.6
6-5.6, 6 (Dockerfile) 6 5.6
6-5.3 (Dockerfile) 6 5.3

The 5.3 version is no longer supported by PHP team, we highly encourage switching to 5.6

Environment Variables

Drupal 8 settings.php variables
Variable Default Value
DB_HOST mariadb
DB_NAME drupal
DB_USER drupal
DRUPAL_TRUSTED_HOST_PATTERNS '\\.localhost$', '\\.local$', '\\.loc$'

See wodby/drupal-php for all variables.

Orchestration Actions

See wodby/drupal-php for all actions.

Complete Drupal Stack

See wodby/docker4drupal