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Apache Solr for Drupal Docker Container Image

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❗️For better reliability we release images with stability tags (wodby/drupal-solr:8-7-X.X.X) which correspond to git tags. We strongly recommend using images only with stability tags.

This image is based on wodby/solr and comes with the default config set for Drupal from Search API Solr Search module.

Docker Images

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links Drupal Solr Search API Solr
8-7.4, 8-7, 8, latest (Dockerfile) 8 7.4 8.x-2.0
8-7.3 (Dockerfile) 8 7.3 8.x-2.0
8-7.2 (Dockerfile) 8 7.2 8.x-2.0
8-7.1 (Dockerfile) 8 7.1 8.x-2.0
8-6.6, 8-6 (Dockerfile) 8 6.6 8.x-2.0
8-5.5, 8-5 (Dockerfile) 8 5.5 8.x-1.2
7-5.4, 7-5, 7 (Dockerfile) 8 5.4 7.x-1.12

Environment Variables

See wodby/solr

Orchestration Actions

See wodby/solr

Complete Drupal Stack

See wodby/docker4drupal


Deploy Solr for Drupal to your server via Wodby Wodby.