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World Dynamic Engine - A 3D graphics engine for Pharo
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WODEN Engine - World Dynamic Engine

A 3D graphics engine for Pharo


3D Graphics Card

Woden communicates with the 3D graphics via the abstract-gpu abstraction layer.

Windows and Linux

Woden on windows requires a modern graphics card with support for at least one of the following two graphics APIs:

  • Vulkan
  • OpenGL 4.5


Woden on OS X requires a Mac with support for the Metal API.

Loading Woden

Woden can be loaded in a 64 bits Pharo 7 image by running the following script in a playground:

Metacello new
   baseline: 'WodenEngine';
   repository: 'github://woden-engine/woden/tonel';

Woden samples

For checking the Woden samples, you should check the class side of WDASceneExamples for some examples, or you can just run the following script for blue window:

model := WDAModel new.
model openWith: (WDASolidColorViewSample new color: Color blue)

Bug reporting

For bug reporting, use the GitHub issue tracker at the Woden repository

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