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K8s stateful demo
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01-Persistent Volumes and Claims
02-Dynamique Provisioning

Stateful demo

This repo host a demos of stateful usages on Kubernetes.


3 demos are availables and can be run as is within Minikube, first one creates a persistante volume manually, second one dynamicaly provision a persistante volume and the third one is a demo of Statefulset in Kubernetes.

The content is separate in different folders:

  • 01-Persistent Volumes and Claims: demo with manually provisoning of the persistante volume
  • 02-Dynamique Provisioning: demo with automatically provisioning of the persistante volume
  • 03-StatefulSet: demo of statefulset usage
  • 04-Speaker: presentation and demo script listing the commande line to type for each demo

About Onmyown

Onmyown is company helping all type and size of businesses to solve various IT related issues. Our main areas of activities are Web, Collaboration Tools, Cloud and DevOps.


Always happy if you want to contribute, feel free to issue a pull request.

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Please contribute in the GitHub repo.


This does not consist of a production setup, much more things needs to be added to what is presented here before being deployed in production.


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