update to couchdb 1.2.0 and minor recipe improvements #1

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bratke commented May 10, 2012

-tested on ubuntu-11.04-server-i386
-anything < ubuntu 11.04 untouched
-verified installation

lgierth commented Jun 22, 2012

+1 for changing default SpiderMonkey headers package to libmozjs-dev

+1 for bumping to 1.2.0

+1 This should get pulled in. It is working with Ubuntu 12.04.

@Dunedan Dunedan commented on an outdated diff Oct 2, 2012

"9.04" => "libmozjs-dev",
"9.10" => "libmozjs-dev",
- "default" => "xulrunner-dev"
+ '10.04' => 'xulrunner-dev',
+ '10.10' => 'xulrunner-dev',
+ '11.04' => 'libmozjs-dev',

Dunedan Oct 2, 2012

This line should be removed, since it duplicates the default case.


sethvargo commented Jul 12, 2013

Hey @eecnee! Thank you for supporting the Opscode Cookbooks! Our process has a couple prerequisites before we can merge your contribution. We need to ensure you've completed a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) and a ticket on our ticket tracker for the release workflow. Pull requests are optional, but should always include the ticket number that they're related to for cross-referencing. Please take a moment to review the below wiki page for the appropriate steps:


sethvargo commented Oct 7, 2013


I'm going to close this due to inactivity, but please reopen if you have more time to work on this issue 😄!

sethvargo closed this Oct 7, 2013

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