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ꓘamerka GUI

Ultimate Internet of Things/Industrial Control Systems reconnaissance tool.

Powered by Shodan - Supported by Binary Edge & WhoisXMLAPI

writeup -

Demo -

Update 15-11.2019 - Maritime support

Update 24-11.2019 - NMEA support

Update 01-12-2019 - Axis, RDP, VNC, Screenshot support

Update 11-12-2019 - Lots of new devices

Update 27-12-2019 - Added medical devices

Update 20.01.2020 - New device & mobile support

Update 23-01.2020 - NMAP scan upload update

To make this work you need to download database "GeoLite2-City.mmdb" (binary format) from MaxMind and put it in root directory of project

Update 11.01.2021 - Added Scan & Exploit & Information & Default passwords

Added possibility to scan all devices with NMAP and NSE for ICS devices. Added exploits for IoT and ICS devices. Added information about devices and default credentials.


  • beautiful soup
  • python3
  • django
  • pynmea2
  • celery
  • redis
  • Shodan paid account
  • BinaryEdge (Optional)
  • WHOISXMLAPI (Optional)
  • Flickr (Optional)
  • Google Maps API
  • Pastebin PRO (Optional)
  • xmltodict
  • python-libnmap

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Make sure your API keys are correct and put them in keys.json in main directory.


python3 makemigrations
python3 migrate
python3 runserver

In a new window (in main directory) run celery worker celery worker -A kamerka --loglevel=info

For new version of Celery celery --app kamerka worker

In a new window fire up redis apt-get install redis redis-server

And server should be available on https://localhost:8000/


Search for Industrial Control Devices in specific country

  • "All results" checkbox means get all results from Shodan, if it's turned off - only first page (100) results will be downloaded.
  • "Own database" checkbox does not work but shows that is possible to integrate your own geolocation database. Let me know if you have access to better than Shodan's default one.

Search for Internet of things in specific coordinates

Type your coordinates in format "lat,lon", hardcoded radius is 20km.



Los Angeles map

Industrial Control Systems in Canada

Device map & details


Scan & Exploit & Information

Full list of supported devices with corresponding queries

Used components

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes search page keeps the last values, so please use ctrl+shift+R to refresh the main search page
  • Debug info is left on purpose for raising an issues
  • still some problems with getting cves from shodan search results
  • Flickr infowindow size


I really care about feedback from you. If you have any idea how to make tool better, I'm more than happy to hear it. It's also possible to upload and host the tool online, if you want to help, dm me.


  • Live monitoring
  • Offensive capabilities
  • More devices
  • More sources (Instagram?, Youtube?)
  • Integration with Nmap and plcscan
  • Extensive error checking/debugging
  • Cleanup code, delete legacy/unused dependencies js, css files
  • Keeping keys in db
  • Your ideas


  • Tested only on Kali Linux 2019.3
  • It uses default sqlite Django database
  • Buttons in Intel tab for device do not show the progress bars, you have a results in max couple of seconds.
  • Own database button does not work, it shows that it's possible to load your own geolocation database. I haven't found better than Shodan's but let me know if you have access to one.
  • Looking for nearby Tweets works but I wasn't able to find any tweets. It may be a problem with Twitter API. Let me know if you can find anything.
  • Don't blame me for unintentional bug that might exhaust your Shodan/BinaryEdge/WHOISXMLAPI credits.
  • I'm not responsible for any damage caused by using this tool.


Ultimate Internet of Things/Industrial Control Systems reconnaissance tool.






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