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RED metrics for a REST service with Prometheus, Grafana, and AlertManager

My goal is to convince you to start your projects with monitoring instead of jumping on centralized logging. To help you get started, I cover two most popular approaches in defining metrics - USE and RED. Based on my experience, I recommend you Prometheus and tell you why. The last part is a live demo of a java application with preconfigured Prometheus, Alertmanger, and Grafana. Naturally, the demo is on github, and works out-of-the-box with a single command. So, you can continue learning and experiencing on your own.

Slides and live-coding demo from Warsaw Java User Group Meetup in Warsaw:

If you find slides helpful, please give a LIKE to my Linkedin post about the talk or a STAR to this github repo.

Notice: The demo uses Spring 1.x, if you work with Spring 2.x, check Jedrzej Serwa's project.

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