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A free web-based personal news aggregator


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Cheetah News

Cheetah News was a free web-based personal news aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online. It was founded in July 2005 by Wojciech Polak as a pet project and operated online between years 2005 and 2022. However, its active development was only performed in the first three years. After that, only some small changes and fixes were applied. It was finally shut down in 2022 and moved to a public repo to preserve its source code.

This project was primarily written in JavaScript (mostly Vanilla JS), XSLT (running in the browser), HTML, CSS, PHP (backend), MySQL, and with some little help of Scheme and C. It was a single-page application (SPA) using Ajax, from day one. Oh, and of course, Emacs was used as an IDE.

The old blog with screenshots:

Original Description

Cheetah News is a free web-based personal news aggregator, also known as a feed reader. It helps you get the latest news and updates from your favorite sites and organize what is most relevant to you. Cheetah News is optimized for reading and managing large feed lists.

Websites publish feeds with the latest news and updates to their sites. The two most popular types of feeds are RSS and Atom. Cheetah News supports them both as well as import and export of subscription list as an OPML file.

To help you quickly explore your reading list, Cheetah News uses a sophisticated keyboard shortcuts system. Moreover, there is also notes and bookmarks organizer module, quick weather forecast report, easy feed entries social-sharing feature, on-the-fly feed entries language translations, media viewer, and full OpenID support!

Cheetah News is already available in 6 languages, including Catalan, English, Esperanto, Spanish, Polish, and Ukrainian.

Cheetah News works with Mozilla Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7+ and Opera 9+.