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Fityk architecture

only scientific dependencies are included

  • The tool for powder patterns is not separated from the rest of the program like typical plug-ins. It could be separated, but it's not the highest priority.
  • bindings are generated using SWIG.
  • ATM the program is not using FFTW yet. (KissFFT, which is smaller and simpler, is also considered.)
  • The part of the program that does peak detection could be a separate library in future. ATM the algorithm is naive, but there are several smarter algorithms and if they are implemented, such a library could be useful also for other programs.
  • I'm considering either using one of the existing codes/libraries for non-linear fitting (see the README file), or separating the fitting code from libfityk.


A view with libfityk internals more exposed (may not be useful until properly described)