Cross Browser HTML5 Local Storage Polyfill
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	Cross Browser HTML5 Local Storage Support
Brett Wejrowski
Wojo Design

The script implements a replacement for HTML5's localStorage when it is not supported.  
It implements a nearly identical interface using userData for IE6-7 and globalStorage 
for FF2-3.  You can find the spec of the HTML5 storage at

localStorage.setItem( key , value );
// saves a new name/value pair if the key doesn't exist, otherwise
// updates the value

localStorage.getItem( key );
// returns the value associated with the given key, if it exists
// returns null if the key doesn't exist

// the number of unique keys stored 

localStorage.removeItem( key );
// deletes the name/value pair with the given key, if it exists
// if it does not exist, exits

// delete all name/value pairs currently stored

localStorage.key( n );
// returns the name of the nth key in the list, will return null if n is
// greater than or equal to localStorage.length