Currency [v2]

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Changing the currency in simpleCart(js) is now very easy. You can set the currency in the header after adding the cart:

simpleCart.currency = EUR;


simpleCart.currency = Euro;

A few quick notes:

  • The default is US Dollar.
  • When you change the currency, any views will use the correct symbol.
  • Google Checkout only supports USD and GBP at this time.
  • simpleCart(js) does not do any conversion between currencies.

Here are the supported currencies (all are supported in PayPal ):

  • AustralianDollar or AUD
  • CanadianDollar or CAD
  • CzechKoruna or CZK
  • DanishKrone or DKK
  • Euro or EUR
  • HongKongDollar or HKD
  • HungarianForint or HUF
  • IsraeliNewSheqel or ILS
  • JapaneseYen or JPY
  • MexicanPeso or MXN
  • NorwegianKrone or NOK
  • NewZealandDollar or NZD
  • PolishZloty or PLN
  • PoundSterling or GBP
  • SingaporeDollar or SGD
  • SwedishKrona or SEK
  • SwissFranc or CHF
  • USDollar or USD