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Instagram Ruby library

This library acts as a client for the unofficial Instagram API. It was used to create the missing Instagram web interface.

$ gem install instagram

With it, you can:

  • fetch popular photos;
  • get user info;
  • browse photos by a user.

Caveat: you need to know user IDs; usernames can't be used. However, you can start from the popular feed and drill down from there.

Example usage

require 'instagram'

photos = Instagram::popular
photo = photos.first

photo.caption     #=> "Extreme dog closeup"
photo.likes.size  #=> 54
photo.filter_name #=> "X-Pro II"

photo.user.username      #=> "johndoe"
photo.user.full_name     #=> "John Doe"
photo.comments[1].text   #=> "That's so cute"
photo.images.last.width  #=> 612

# available sizes: 150px / 306px / 612px square
# => "" (612×612px image)

# fetch extended info for John
john_info = Instagram::user_info(

john_info.media_count    #=> 32
john_info.follower_count #=> 160

# find more photos by John
photos_by_john = Instagram::by_user(

To see which models and properties are available, see models.rb.


Instagram API documentation and Ruby library written by Mislav Marohnić.

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