Fully and easily customizable rotary wheel control also called pie menu for iPhone and iPad. Very similar to the control in Convertbot. As the only one in the internet it rotates with inertia/mementum. Drawn using CoreGraphics without any images.
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Development of this control is suspended

I worked on a better version of this from time to time. I mainly focused on tvOS support, but with minor improvements it will work for watchOS/iOS as well. I will get back to this when I finish Diff.swift and have some free time.

Until then, feel free to submit issues but please do not expect me to submit patches.

CDPieMenu by Wojtek Czekalski (wczekalski)


Planned improvements:

  • adding and removing thumbs during runtime.

I'll be glad to hear your requests

View Hierarchy

  • CDCircle - is a UIView subclass. It's, let's say, the base of a CDPieMenu. It's a circle drawn using CoreGraphics/QuartzCore.

  • CDCircleThumb - UIView subclass, is a single segment in a CDPieMenu. It's subview of a CDCircle. Highly customisable. More information about modifying a thumb is listed below.

  • CDIconView - UIImageView subclass, it handles colouring of an icon. CDIconView is subview of a CDCircleThumb.

  • CDCircleOverlayView - this is independent view outside of the main view hierarchy. It handles selection of a thumb. It cannot be subview of a CDCircle because then, it would turn around with a circle.


  • -(id)initWithFrame:(CGRect) frame numberOfSegments:(NSUInteger) nSegments ringWidth:(CGFloat) ringWidth
  • -(void) circle:(CDCircle *)circle didMoveToSegment:(NSInteger)segment thumb:(CDCircleThumb *)thumb
Data source:
  • -(UIImage *) circle:(CDCircle *)circle iconForThumbAtRow:(NSInteger)row
  • -(id) initWithCircle:(CDCircle) circle


  • dataSource - data source of CDPieMenu.
  • delegate - delegate of CDPieMenu
  • (UIColor *) circleColor - Set this property to change color of a circle. It may be usable when you want to achieve specyfic effect (e.g. semi transparent thumbs, and coloured circle will create some effect)
  • (NSArray *) thumbs - all thumbs.
  • (CDCircleOverlayView *) overlayView - a pointer to CDCircleOverlayView
  • (BOOL) inertiaEffect - it determines appearance of additional rotation after the last touch.
  • (CDIconView *)iconView - a pointer to thumb's CDIconView
  • (UIColor *)separatorColor - color of a separator
  • separatorStyle - it can be CDCircleThumbsSeparatorNone or CDCircleThumbsSeparatorBasic. Style of a separator.
  • (BOOL)gradientFill - If gradientFill is set to NO, a thumb is coloured with solid color
  • (NSArray *) gradientColors - colors of thumb's gradient.
  • (NSArray *) colorsLocations - locations of colors in a gradient
  • (UIColor *) arcColor - if gradientFill is set to 'NO' we can set thumb's color using this property.


  • highlitedIconColor - color of an image when a thumb is selected


  • overlayThumb - pointer to a thumb which is the selector (central thumb)


Use this code to implement standard CDPieMenu:

 CDCircle *circle = [[CDCircle alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10 , 90, 300, 300) numberOfSegments:6 ringWidth:80.f];
circle.dataSource = self;
circle.delegate = self;
CDCircleOverlayView *overlay = [[CDCircleOverlayView alloc] initWithCircle:circle];
[self.view addSubview:circle];
//Overlay cannot be subview of a circle because then it would turn around with the circle
[self.view addSubview:overlay];


Code used to achieve effect shown above :

circle.overlayView.overlayThumb.arcColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:0.00f green:1.00f blue:0.25f alpha:0.4];


Code used to achieve effect shown above :

for (CDCircleThumb *thumb in circle.thumbs) {
[thumb.iconView setHighlitedIconColor:[UIColor redColor]];
 thumb.separatorColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
 thumb.separatorStyle = CDCircleThumbsSeparatorBasic;
 thumb.gradientFill = NO;
 thumb.arcColor = [UIColor greenColor];


How to use CDPieMenu

In order to use CDPieMenu add following frameworks to your project:

  • CoreGraphics
  • QuartzCore


CDPieMenu is licensed under MIT license

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About me:

If you have got any question, feel free to mail me at me@wczekalski.com

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