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Java to Operating System Notification

"Write Once, Notify Everywhere"

Allows to display a notification which pops and disappears, using the appropriate notification system.

Available notifiers :

Linux Windows Mac OS X
Notify OSD (X)
Growl (X)
Mac OS X Center (X)
Snarl (X)
Java 6 System Tray X X X
Java Logging X X X
  • Notify OSD ( Requires notify-send command to Install with 'sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin' or Download libnotify )
  • Growl for Mac OS X ( Install from the Apple App Store or Download Growl )
  • Mac OS X Notification Center ( Requires Terminal Notifier to Install with 'brew install terminal-notifier' and Mountain Lion )
  • Snarl ( Download Snarl )
  • Java 6 System Tray
  • Java Util Logging (always used)

Release Notes :

  • 0.6 2013-11-24 Bug fixes #2 and #3
  • 0.5 2013-08-28 Growl 1.3 compatibility & MacOsX Notification Center
  • 0.4 2013-06-11 Appengine compatibility & shortcut methods
  • 0.3 2013-03-19 Maven Central Release
  • 0.2 2012-10-12 Bug fixes for Growl and Snarl
  • 0.1 2012-10-05 First Release with 4 different notifiers

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