Woleet's Data and Signature anchoring on Bitcoin verification Web app.
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This repository is the public git for the btcproof.info web site.

btcproof.info is a simple static web app embedding Woleet's widget. This widget allows you to:

  • verify the existence and get the timestamp of a file anchored in the Bitcoin blockchain using any Chainpoint compatible tool.
  • verify the existence, the validity and get the timestamp of a signature anchored in the Bitcoin blockchain using Woleet's signature anchoring extension to Chainpoint (the signee identity is also verified if provided)

btcproof.info also provides a service to verify the identity of signees. A signee claims his identify by providing an identity URL. This URL can be used to verify the control of a given bitcoin address, internet domain and related TLS certificate. This verification includes:

  • the control of the ownership of the bitcoin address by the internet domain of the identity URL (by asking the URL to sign some random data using the claimed bitcoin address)
  • the verification of the validity of the TLS certificate associated to the identity URL
  • the extraction of the TLS certificate information to display the identity of the owner of the domain, as certified by Certificate Authorities.

btcproof.info demonstrates the use of woleet-weblibs and woleet-widget open source tools.


Node.js and Docker need to be installed on your system.

Install the server

Clone the project or download its archive and uncompress it.

Build the server

$ cd btcproof.info/
$ ./build.sh

Run the server

$ cd btcproof.info/
$ ./start.sh

Test the server