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@mastertheif mastertheif released this May 31, 2021

When encountering an empty file, a warning will be display on the logging window and the file will not be processed.
This behavior is matching the new API rules regarding empty file.

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@mastertheif mastertheif released this Apr 23, 2021

The maximum length of the subfolder path (without delimiters) was 128 characters but this limitation has been lifted

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@mastertheif mastertheif released this Dec 8, 2020

WARNING! The previous versions 0.4.x and 0.5.0 had an issue with receipt generation that deleted the "@context" JSON field.
These receipts will be automatically fixed by this version of ProofKeeper (and the following ones) at the first run.

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@mastertheif mastertheif released this Aug 12, 2020

This release does not bring new functionalities, as the main change was to update libraries.

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@mastertheif mastertheif released this Mar 24, 2020

Based on woleet-cli 0.4.0 (hence the bump in version number)

  • Color scheme is ajusted to ProofDesk
  • If a pevious configuration was found, receipts in configured folders will be rechecked (issue with woleet-cli 0.3.0)
  • Signatures produced now includes signed identity from wids
  • Tags are not generated anymore
  • Subfolders with space in their names are now processed
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@mastertheif mastertheif released this Oct 1, 2019

ProofKeeper now supports regex, and have a 4th tab used to display it's version number and the embedded woleet-cli version number

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@mastertheif mastertheif released this Apr 10, 2019

You can now force the reanchoring of the folder without waiting by clicking on the colored status indicator

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@mastertheif mastertheif released this Mar 19, 2019

Based on woleet-cli 0.2.0

There are few version available:

  • ProofKeeper-x.x.x.dmg -> MacOs version
  • ProofKeeper.x.x.x.AppImage -> Linux version
  • ProofKeeper.x.x.x.exe -> Portable Windows version
  • ProofKeeper.Setup.x.x.x.exe -> Installer Windows version
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