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Releases: woleet/woleet-proofkeeper

Graphical Redesign

15 Sep 12:56
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Look and feel of the application has been improved.

You can now timestamp or seal individual file.
The default folder for receipts of individual files is: My Documents/Proofkeeper/proofReceiptsOfManualOperations

French translation has been added.


13 May 12:14
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  • anchor action have been renamed to timestamp
  • sign action have been renamed to seal

You can use the Fix Receipts button to rename existing proofs on configured folders:

  • from 'filename'-'proofID'.anchor-receipt.json to 'filename'-'proofID'.timestamp-receipt.json
  • from 'filename'-'proofID'.sign-receipt.json to 'filename'-'proofID'.seal-receipt.json

Published binaries have been renamed:

  • ProofKeeper-x.x.x-macOS.dmg -> macOS version
  • ProofKeeper-x.x.x-Linux.AppImage -> Linux version
  • ProofKeeper-x.x.x-Portable-Windows.exe -> Portable Windows version
  • ProofKeeper-x.x.x-Setup-Windows.exe -> Installer Windows version

For new folders, proofs are set do be publicly discoverable.
When creating a new identity, if the name is not set, the commonName from Woleet.ID Server is auto-filled.

Ignoring empty file

31 May 09:59
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When encountering an empty file, a warning will be display on the logging window and the file will not be processed.
This behavior is matching the new API rules regarding empty file.

Removing path length limitation

23 Apr 08:53
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The maximum length of the subfolder path (without delimiters) was 128 characters but this limitation has been lifted

Bug fix release

08 Dec 09:21
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WARNING! The previous versions 0.4.x and 0.5.0 had an issue with receipt generation that deleted the "@context" JSON field.
These receipts will be automatically fixed by this version of ProofKeeper (and the following ones) at the first run.

Libraries updates + macOS notarization

12 Aug 14:44
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This release does not bring new functionalities, as the main change was to update libraries.

Add deeplink support

15 May 09:15
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Bump version number

New look!

24 Mar 10:21
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Based on woleet-cli 0.4.0 (hence the bump in version number)

  • Color scheme is ajusted to ProofDesk
  • If a pevious configuration was found, receipts in configured folders will be rechecked (issue with woleet-cli 0.3.0)
  • Signatures produced now includes signed identity from wids
  • Tags are not generated anymore
  • Subfolders with space in their names are now processed


01 Oct 12:51
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ProofKeeper now supports regex, and have a 4th tab used to display it's version number and the embedded woleet-cli version number

Fuctionnal update

10 Apr 14:53
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You can now force the reanchoring of the folder without waiting by clicking on the colored status indicator