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Woleet verification widget

This repository contains the sources code of Woleet verification widget. This web widget can be easily embedded into any web application to:

  • verify the existence and get the timestamp of a file anchored in the Bitcoin blockchain using any Chainpoint 1 or 2 compatible tool.
  • verify the existence, the validity and get the timestamp of a signature anchored in the Bitcoin blockchain using Woleet's signature anchoring extension to Chainpoint 1 or 2 (the signee identity is also verified if provided)

Building Woleet verification widget

Type ./ on the project's root to:

  • install build tools and runtime dependencies into the ./node_modules/ directory
  • build the libraries into the ./dist/directory

Using Woleet verification widget

Limitations and Runtime dependencies

This web widget uses the Woleet web libraries and so has the same limitations and runtime dependencies.


You can use npm to add Woleet web libraries to your project:

npm i @woleet/woleet-widget

In this documentation, it is supposed that npm is used to install Woleet verification widget.


To use the Woleet verification widget you have to include the following components:

<link href="./node_modules/@woleet/woleet-widget/dist/style.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="./node_modules/@woleet/woleet-widget/dist/woleet-widget.js"></script>
<script src="./node_modules/@woleet/woleet-weblibs/dist/woleet-weblibs.js"></script>

or their minimized equivalent:

<link href="./node_modules/@woleet/woleet-widget/dist/style.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="./node_modules/@woleet/woleet-widget/dist/woleet-widget.min.js"></script>
<script src="./node_modules/@woleet/woleet-weblibs/dist/woleet-weblibs.min.js"></script>

Basic usage

See examples/index.html for examples about how to insert this widget in a web page.

To insert the Woleet verification widget into a web page, create a <div> of the `woleet-widget class:

<div class="woleet-widget"></div>

If you want the widget to automatically verify a given file/hash, specify the hash to verify in the data-hashproperty:

<div class="woleet-widget" data-hash="e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855"></div>