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# $Id$
This list is split into two alphabetical lists. The first is a listing of the
authors of the original Gentoo package. The copyrights for all of those code
contributions belong to the Gentoo Foundation. The second list is the authors
whom have contributed significant code to the new project. All code added to
the new project is copyrighted by the respective authors.
Gentoo Foundation authors:
Luca Barbato <>
Eric Edgar <>
Mike Frysinger <>
Tom Gall <>
Andrew Gaffney <>
Chris Gianelloni <>
Brad House <>
Brain Jackson <>
Robin H. Johnson <>
Joshua Kinard <>
Seemant Kulleen <>
Guy Martin <>
Daniel Robbins <>
Travis Tilley <>
Pieter van den Abeele <>
Jason Wever <>
Tim Yamin <>
Copyright authors:
Andrew Gaffney <>
Chris Gianelloni <>
Stefan Behte <>