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Gremlin Rust
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A Rust client for Apache TinkerPop™.


Install from

gremlin_client = "0.2.0"


Basic usage

Execute a simple Gremlin query with an id and collect the results

use gremlin_client::{GremlinClient, Vertex};

fn main() -> Result<(), Box<std::error::Error>> {
    let client = GremlinClient::connect("localhost")?;

    let results = client
        .execute("g.V(param)", &[("param", &1)])?
        .map(|f| f.take::<Vertex>())
        .collect::<Result<Vec<Vertex>, _>>()?;

    println!("{:?}", results);


Traversal example Rust GLV

Create a remote traversal with the provided GremlinClient and build a traversal using Rust language.

 use gremlin_client::{GremlinClient, Vertex, process::traversal::traversal};

 fn main() -> Result<(), Box<std::error::Error>> {
    let client = GremlinClient::connect("localhost")?;

    let g = traversal().with_remote(client);

    let results = g.v(()).has_label("person").has(("name","Jon")).to_list()?;   
    println!("{:?}", results);



git clone
cd gremlin-rs
cargo build

Running Tests

Some tests run against a running instance of Gremlin Server with a sample in-memory graph installed.

You can use docker-compose to start an instance for testing. Use the env variable GREMLIN_SERVER in order to specify the version of the Gremlin Server

cd docker-compose
export GREMLIN_SERVER=3.4.0
docker-compose up -d
cd ..
cargo test
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