API powered by hackalist data and geospatial algorithms to discover the closest upcoming hackathons around you on the planet
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WolfBeacon Hackalist API

An API Microservice built on top of Hackalist.org data to discover the closest upcoming hackathons around you on the planet. It accepts user location co-ordinates and runs a unique geospatial algorithm on the Hackalist data updated periodically, to list all Hackathons sorted by radial distance for a given date range.

Written in Kotlin, powered by Spring-Boot and H2 Database Engine. Configuration is written using the Gradle Kotlin DSL Plugin which allows for Gradle configuration to be written in Kotlin itself.

Currently in production use at WolfBeacon and publicly accessible. See usage docs at https://api.wolfbeacon.com/docs/#api-Hackalist

This API was previously written in Java and migrated to Kotlin as an experiment which worked out pretty well. See the java branch for the previous, stable code.

Using the API


GET /v1/hackalist/hackathons/

Updated every 12 hours from Hackalist with data present from 2017 onwards

Parameters Required:

  • start-date (yyyy-MM-dd): Returns all the hackathons after this date. Eg: start-date=2017-10-10

  • end-date (yyyy-MM-dd): Returns all the hackathons before this date. Eg: end-date=2017-12-10

  • sort-by:

    1. distance (sort-by, latitude, longitude): Sorts all the Hackathons in ascending radial order from the coordinates entered. Eg: sort-by=distance&latitude=19.1231&longitude=45.1231 OR
    2. date (sort-by): Sorts all the Hackathons in ascending order of start-date. Eg: sort-by=date

Example Query 1 (By date):

curl -X GET "https://api.wolfbeacon.com/v1/hackalist/hackathons?start-date=2017-01-01&end-date=2017-01-30&sort-by=date"

Example Query 2 (By distance/coordinates):

curl -X GET "https://api.wolfbeacon.com/v1/hackalist/hackathons?start-date=2017-01-01&end-date=2017-01-30&sort-by=distance&latitude=40.7127837&longitude=-74.00594130000002"


        "id": 201701201955420960,
        "title": "PennApps XV",
        "eventLink": "http://pennapps.com/",
        "startDate": "2017-01-20",
        "endDate": "2017-01-22",
        "lastUpdatedDate": "2017-12-01T03:26:31.244+0000",
        "year": 2017,
        "location": "Philadelphia, PA, United States",
        "host": "University of Pennsylvania",
        "length": 48,
        "size": "unknown",
        "travel": true,
        "prize": null,
        "highSchoolers": true,
        "cost": "free",
        "facebookLink": "https://www.facebook.com/pennapps/?fref=ts",
        "twitterLink": "https://twitter.com/pennapps",
        "googlePlusLink": "",
        "imageLink": "https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/930281893752442880/EFCW9AZJ_normal.jpg",
        "latitude": 39.9525839,
        "longitude": -75.1652215,
        "notes": ""

Ping Endpoint

/v1/hackalist/ping returns Ping Successful with Response Code 200

Local Setup

Dependencies: Kotlin, Gradle
  • git clone https://github.com/wolfbeacon/wolfbeacon-hackalist-api
  • Rename applications-test.properties to application.properties and complete configuration details - GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY, START_YEAR, START_MONTH and Database credentials.
  • ./gradlew bootRun

Deploying with Docker

Note: Configure application.properties before deployment
  • sudo docker build -t wolfbeacon-hackalist-api .
  • sudo docker run -p 8080:80 wolfbeacon-hackalist-api

AWS CodeBuild Env Variables

HACKALIST_CONFIG_PATH - src/resources/application.properties S3 path