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WolfBeacon Index

Contains organisational resources for reference and getting started.

Getting Started

Product Requirements

Confluence Documents

Jira Board

Organization Website

Wolfbeacon's Atlassian

API Documentation

Additional Organization Documents

Why Open Source?

WolfBeacon is for the Hackathon community. Being open source allows us to establish trust between the project and the developers, increase quality and efficiency of the program across all platforms and have the best talent develop the best platform!

Our Open Source First Principles

Open source software is the most rewarding software since it benefits not only the users of that software but the tech community by providing useful and efficient code to share. WolfBeacon will always be open source as we believe that is the best way to build software and a community!

Our Core Team Principles

We believe that communication, team growth and strong mentorship is the key to success within any team. With a dedicated Slack channel, weekly status updates and quick team meetings we have developed an internal community like growth-culture.