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Commits on Apr 12, 2012
  1. @alkemist

    Unused import.

    alkemist authored
  2. @alkemist
  3. @alkemist

    GRADLE-2181 - Added (failing, but annotated with @FailsWith) test cas…

    alkemist authored
    …e for unicode characters in file names and copy operations.
  4. @alkemist
  5. @alkemist

    Introduce FileIntegrityViolationSuppressingPersistentStateCacheDecora…

    alkemist authored
    Any hints on a more concise name appreciated.
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
  1. @adammurdoch
  2. @alkemist

    If the buildSrc gradle version state cache file integrity is violated…

    alkemist authored
    …, just rebuild the buildSrc project.
  3. @alkemist

    Pay no attention to file integrity when setting the SimpleStateCache …

    alkemist authored
    …value as we are overwriting whatever is there.
  4. @alkemist

    When rebuilding a DefaultPersistentDirectoryCache, don't care if the …

    alkemist authored
    …integrity of locked file is violated.
  5. @alkemist

    Add FileAccess.writeFile method that acquires an exclusive lock witho…

    alkemist authored
    …ut performing integrity checks.
  6. @alkemist
  7. @alkemist
  8. @breskeby

    Merge pull request #79 from stigkj/patch-1

    breskeby authored
    Fix of typos in javadoc
  9. @stigkj

    Fix of typos in javadoc

    stigkj authored
  10. @alkemist
  11. @alkemist

    Don't perform integrity checks on write operations temporarily while …

    alkemist authored
    …I investigate the failures this caused.
  12. @alkemist

    Build with 1.0-rc-1

    alkemist authored
  13. @alkemist

    Move the integrity checking of locked files down to DefaultFileLock, …

    alkemist authored
    …and only check once when obtaining the lock.
  14. @adammurdoch
  15. @adammurdoch
  16. @adammurdoch
  17. @adammurdoch
  18. @adammurdoch
  19. @adammurdoch
  20. @adammurdoch
  21. @adammurdoch
  22. @adammurdoch
  23. @adammurdoch

    Use slf4j Logger instead of gradle Logging, Use UncheckedException in…

    adammurdoch authored
    …stead of UncheckedIOException, to decouple messaging classes from some core classes.
  24. @adammurdoch
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. @alkemist

    Specify that FileAccess impls can throw FileIntegrityViolationExcepti…

    alkemist authored
    …on and made OnDemandFileAccess throw this if the file was not unlocked cleanly.
  2. @alkemist
  3. @szczepiq
  4. @szczepiq

    Made the tailing of the daemon log safe and added some coverage. It s…

    szczepiq authored
    …till has some overlap with the daemon client - will sort that out at some point soon.
  5. @szczepiq
  6. @szczepiq

    Added very simple unit test coverage for the recent changes to the Da…

    szczepiq authored
    …emonGreeter. Refactored it a bit to add testability.
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