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Here the Nerds are the popular ones
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Here the Nerds are the popular ones


#USER STORIES CURRENTLY ( rush to production )

  • fix profile not loading. on future page and in actionActions.js
  • maybe have a static landing page.
  • stayfreshers home page should be different than landing page. when you click on the brand, takes you to how to use. future tab should be something else

CURRENTLY ( working on front end )

  • users need to be able to view others profiles
  • deck feed shouldn't have abiltiy to delete

After login a user is taken to profile dashboard page should have the ability to:

  • list decks by title and subject. ( done )
  • create, edit, and delete decks & cards ( done )
  • ability to view a profile
  • social aspect: add/delete friends, leave comments on decks view a friends deck
  • ability to test decks
  • its also what you do with it. if you use some apis, and make something flashy anything can be impressive. Like a drag and drop matching system, or having a file uploader where a text file can be converted into a deck
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