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A simple webbased private accounting application for mobile devices and classical computers


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A simple Accounting Application for mobile devices and classical computers. Based on minimalistic coding in PHP and Javascript to enable simple hosting at a huge amount of shared hosting providers or other LAMP-Servers. It's written during watching TV, mostly on weekends but I think this fakt should not be seen to much at reviewing its code. But I invite everybody to send me comments on identified deficites.

Caution: This application is based on a strongly simplified view of double-entry bookkeeping which should only be used for private purposes. It has deficites for example in causes of value added tax and is not able to split booking entries. It is strongly adjusted to my personal needs.

License Information

The software is contributed under GPL (see license.txt) in this Folder.

It contains JQuery, JQuery-Mobile and Knockout.js as clientside framework. On the serverside its code relies just on plain PHP (using PDO for database connectivity) with no additional frameworks. Its tested compatible to all versions of PHP from 5 until 8.

Additional Information

For additional information please go to the projects homepage under