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proc empty: {
print "Me doeth nothing";
} in skip;
proc dumpRegisters: a: qbit, b:qbit -> a:qbit, b:qbit {
print "Dumping contents of two quantum bits:";
dump a,b;
} in {
new qbit eins := 1;
new qbit zwei := 1;
new qbit drei := 0;
dump eins, zwei;
dump drei, zwei; /* Meins */
proc operatorTest: { /* This tests empty contexts as well */
new qbit test1 := 0;
new qbit test2 := 1;
call dumpRegisters(test1, test2);
print "Applying CNot";
test1, test2 *= CNot;
call dumpRegisters(test1, test2);
print "The first qbit is now:"; dump test1;
print "Applying Not on the second qbit";
test2 *= Not;
dump test2;
print "Applying Hadamard on the first qbit";
test1 *= H;
call dumpRegisters(test1, test2);
print "Shifting the phase of the second qbit";
test2 *= Phase 0.5;
call dumpRegisters(test1, test2);
} in call operatorTest();