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// Implementation of templates required for the QCL runtime for QPL
/* This needs to be called with an explicit type for T since the
compiler won't be able to deduce this automatically in most
cases. Example: create_array<int>(3,1,2,3) */
template<class T>
T** create_array(int length, ...) {
int count = 0;
va_list p;
T **arr = new T*[length];
va_start(p, length);
while(count < length) {
arr[count++] = static_cast<T*>(va_arg(p, T*));
return arr;
// Allocate a subset of the quantum heap and return a reference.
// Required parameter is the number of qbits associated with the type.
// NOTE: This is a _very_ _very_ crude memory management (if one wants
// to call it like that)
extern pthread_mutex_t memory_lock;
template<class T>
T* allocateMem(int length) {
T *alloc = new T(qMemPos, local_mem);
qMemPos += length;
return alloc;