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Hi and welcome.

dietrich is a digital cinema authoring tool suite with features that reach a notch beyond the bulk of currently available tools for authoring and editing DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages). Features include

  • Extensive composition creation and editing
  • Asset creation, management and inspection (Image/Audio/Subtitle essence, CPLs, KDMs, certificates, DCPs)
  • Essence encryption
  • Key management and KDM (Key Delivery Message) generation
  • Certificate management and Digital Cinema compliant signature
  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package) packaging
  • DCP proxy generation
  • Project recall

See Specs for some usage examples and specs.

There is no source code here, you may wonder. Sorry for the bafflement, I should work on the docs a bit. Bottomline is: dietrich is not open source. Get in touch if you want to learn more and need a quote.