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2013 Mar 31 This page hasn’t seen the updates it deserves. Most important update would be the improvements and additional features in dcp_inspect, among them an eye-watering effort to check and whine about naming convention compliance in ContentTitleText.

2012 Sep 9 Update: Jussi will create a corrected package any day now. Once that’s in place I’ll build a Bluray version and post it here. -Bluray version of Jussi Siponen’s BBC-inspired sync test DCP (See discussion).-

Note that the 20120317 version has — mistakenly — audio late by ~20 msec. Not a biggie for many but not perfect either. That version is deprecated and will be replaced by a corrected version with perfect sync (A Bluray conversion will follow soon after).

2012 Apr 10 Easy-to-use Setup script to install everything required (batteries included) to run Cinemaslides, dcp_inspect and a bunch of other useful tools related to digital cinema. Enjoy.

2012 Mar 21 See t_to_xyY.rb for a tiny script to compute xyY from temperature.

2012 Feb 26 Short update related to 2 ISDCF technical drafts:

  • Cinemaslides now allows to generate both CompositionMetadataAsset and Theater Key Retrieval items. Open testbed.
  • dcp_inspect will detect and report those items. dcp_inspect is slowly maturing and already quite useful for quick overviews and validation of digital cinema packages. Make sure to follow its progress — It’s going on a mission.

2012 Feb 25 See x509_inspect.rb for a tool to examine properties of X.509 certificates. Will detect certificate chains.

2012 Feb 12 See signature_check.rb for a tool to examine and verify signatures in DCinema documents. Nokogiri with C14N support required.

2012 Feb 12 See x509_extract.rb for a tool to extract X.509 certificates from a signed DCinema document.

2012 Feb 12 If you come across interesting or amusing historical documents about digital cinema let me know. Initial tiny collection in digital_cinema_history

2012 Feb 12 Interesting paper on Flicker suppression in JPEG 2000

2011 Dec 3 See kdm-decrypt.rb for a tool to decrypt Interop and SMPTE KDMs.

2011 Nov 25 See xsd-check.rb for the overhauled schema check tool. Use as an alternative to CTP’s schema-check.

2011 Sep 19 See timelapse.rb for a no-frills timelapse tool to capture sequences of screenshots.

2011 Apr 9 See dc_crypto_context.rb for PoC code to collect and check X.509 certificates for Digital Cinema/SMPTE compliance.

2011 Mar 30 Cinemaslides is now a lot faster on pickup runs and re-runs. See the commit for code and comments.

2010 Dec 12 SMPTE-428-7-2007-DCST.xsd is the normative XML Schema document to test subtitle files for well-formedness and SMPTE compliance. Use schema-check from DCI’s Compliance Test Plan v1.1 to perform those tests.

2010 Dec 8 Plaintext/Encrypted test DCPs with 3 seconds blue screen and 2-channel audio: and

2010 Dec 6 See Cinemaslides for encrypted DCPs and a proof-of-concept KDM mode (classes DCTools, KDM_SMPTE_430_1_2006, DCSignatureKDM and some infrastructure code).

2010 Nov 28 See Digital cinema authentication for a growing list of notes about signatures, essence encryption and KDMs.

2010 Nov 22 See make-dc-certificate-chain.rb for a proof-of-concept script to create key pairs and digital cinema compliant X.509 certificate chains (SMPTE 430-2-2006). These can be used to encrypt essence and sign CPLs, PKLs and KDMs.

2010 Nov 16 See Cinemaslides (class DCSignature) for an example implementation of digital cinema compliant signature.

2010 Sep 21 See Cinemaslides (classes CPL_SMPTE_429_7_2006, PKL_SMPTE_429_8_2007 and AM_SMPTE_429_9_2007) for an example replacement for opencinematools’ mkcpl, mkpkl and mkmap.

2010 Aug 07 SMPTE-430-3-2008-ETM.xsd and SMPTE-430-1-2006-Amd-1-2009-KDM.xsd (including a correction from SMPTE-Amendment-1-2009) are the normative XML Schema documents to test key delivery messages (KDM) for well-formedness and SMPTE compliance. Use schema-check from DCI’s Compliance Test Plan v1.1 to perform those tests.

2010 Jul 30 SMPTE-429-7-2006-CPL.xsd, SMPTE-429-8-2006-PKL.xsd and SMPTE-429-9-2007-AM.xsd are the normative XML Schema documents to test composition playlists (CPL), packing lists (PKL) and asset mapping (ASSETMAP, VOLINDEX) files for well-formedness and SMPTE compliance. Use schema-check from DCI’s Compliance Test Plan v1.1 to perform those tests.

2010 Jul 8 One of the problems when handling image sequences is making sure a given set of files actually is a continuous sequence. See for a demo script.

2010 Jun 6 Tiny DCP to test SMPTE 429-5 compliance (Subtitle trackfiles) on servers (Update 2010 Nov 28: This package is quite likely broken. A compliant package will come online in the coming weeks. It’s high on the list. Update 2012 Mar 24: Apparently not that high)

2010 May 26 See Cinemaslides for notes on a pet project of mine: A commandline tool to build cinema slideshows. Initial alpha v0 to test and play. It’d be cool to hear how this works for you and the random material you throw at it.

2010 Mar 14 See patch (and how to apply it) for MPEG2 essence support in opencinematools 1.1.2 (Update 2010 Oct: Not that I’d recommend using opencinematools in the first place. Development of opencinematools has stalled a long time ago. It is buggy and un-maintained. Check out Terrence Meiczinger’s opendcp instead. His project, although in beta, offers a broader feature set already.)

2010 Feb 26 See rec709-xyz_matrix.rb for a script to calculate the 3×3 matrix needed to transform ITU REC. 709 to XYZ.

2010 Feb 21 See Open source tools for a digital cinema pipeline for a sort-of step-by-step DCP pipeline.

2010 Jan 17 You’re looking at an initial commit to the repository. Right now there is chromatic_adaptation.rb to play with chromatic adaptation numbers. This might be useful when targeting a specific white gamut of digital cinema projectors. See White Gamut for some notes on the problem.

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