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Bob is a build tool for Java projects, that tries to be a bit smarter and easier to use than the popular guys. Instead of writing build scripts with XML, you write native Java. There’s also less you need to configure (although you can, if you must), since Bob has been very fond of the idea of convention over configuration. Last, but not least, a lot of thought has been put into how Bob can serve the intentions of the builder better, than just giving a box of disparate tools, not exactly supporting what you ultimately want to achieve.

Try It!

If you feel adventurous you can try out Bob’s Alpha 2 version.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of documentation currently, since Bob is early in its development phases. There’s a lot of other things to sort out first. However, we have something available:

You could take a look at the current major problems of Bob, and their (hopefully) eventual solutions. Feel free to try to solve the problems, if you have any suggestions. You might do good to drop me a message somehow about it, since GitHub doesn’t alert me of wiki changes.

For those parts that aren’t problematic, and have been solved a way or another, you’re welcome to read Bob’s architecture documentation.

Have Questions? Come Chat with Us!

If you want to chat, Bob has an IRC channel over at Freenode, the channel is #bobtool. Everyone are welcome, offtopic is not frowned upon, as long as you bring your manners with you.