The [in]famous website that allows users to upload and download step edits for the arcade game Pump It Up Pro.
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This is the repository for Pump Pro Edits V3: Player Power.
The website is at for now.
It is called as such because the players can now directly
contribute to how the website looks, feels, and behaves.
You can now follow the source contributions to the website
via Twitter: just follow "pumpproedits".

This is a Symfony based project. More information can be
found at if you are interested.
While this is designed to be a standard project, minor
configuration and setup is required to play around
with this website on your own computer.

1) This project uses the Doctrine ORM plugin. If you
are used to Propel, the switch shouldn't be that bad.

2) Those that have used Symfony before will realize that
config/databases.yml is NOT included. This is done for
security reasons. If you want to play around with the
database, please set up your own local copy. Likewise,
you will have to generate the SQL through doctrine:build-sql.

3) In the root of this project, remember to create the
cache and log folders. Give 777 permissions to
both of them. Windows users, you'll have to discover
the equivalent commands on your own.

4) Some of the core data files, such as the edits and
user information, are not included. Those have to
be gotten separately. I do not know when, if ever, some
of this data will be made public in the repository.

As far as coding standards go, keep it legible. Using
unicode/utf-8 is recommended, as anyone from around the
world will be able to read and edit this code.
Tabs versus spaces, where braces go, etc, is not something
I care deeply about. The only exception to that rule is
when dealing with the YAML files (yml). Those cannot have
tabs for any reason. has more information.

For the purposes of saving bandwidth, look into compressing
the files you use. CSS has a compressor and decompressor at and respectively. Some
limited caching has also been implemented on the page to
try to cut down on bandwidth cost. If there is any other
caching that can be implemented, please look into it.

Try to use git's branching functionality when adding
new features. The master branch should really only contain
code that is guaranteed to run. Of course, mistakes happen,
but try to be careful.

Don't be afraid to use many different technologies either.
Presently, this website uses an SVG based Edit Creator
with hooks for AJAX, JSON, jQuery, and Twitter. Take advantage
of what the web has to offer. If it is a standard technology
implemented by many web browsers, go ahead.

At this point, there is no hiding it: anyone that uses
Internet Explorer just cannot get the proper experience
at this time. The SVG technology is not guaranteed to work on
IE whether by plugin or javascript or flash without a risk
of breaking it for the other web browsers. Most of my pieces
are presently left in the repository for anyone brave enough to
make it work for IE and keep it working for the others. When
IE 9 comes out of preview, I will have to find a way to give
that a test on the website.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me.

-- Jason "Wolfman2000" Felds