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Up n' running Gulp Boilerplate


Hello! If you are a front-end developer looking to get your project started in a matter of minutes, take a look ahead.

As the name suggests, this boilerplate requires minimum to no additional configuration and features all the essentials you will ever need for a simple project: SASS, bourbon/neat (the light-weight alternative to Compass), JS-hint, plumber, sourcemaps, browser-sync and more.


1. Clone the repo
        git clone
2. Install dependencies
        npm install
3.Start gulp
4. Your preferred browser will be opened automatically and directed to the browser-sync proxy address
5. For production, run
        gulp --production
???. Have fun!


To start a local server, simply fire up a terminal in your local project's folder and run "gulp". The server's default address is http://localhost:3000/.

For debugging via Browser-Sync, go to http://localhost:3001/.



Folder Structure

|++ public
    |++ assets
        |++ css
            |-- style.css
        |++ images
        |++ js
            |-- scripts.js
        |-- index.html
|++ source
    |++ assets
        |++ css
        |++ images
        |++ js
            |++ lib
            |++ vendor
            |-- main.js
        |++ sass
            |++ base
            |++ helpers
            |++ layout
            |++ lib
            |++ modules
            |-- style.scss
    |-- index.html
|-- gulpfile.js
|-- LICENSE.txt
|-- package.json


  1. Why Gulp and not Grunt? - Simple. Because it's faster, way faster. Compilling and launching a browser reload/inject in Grunt ends up taking even 8s in a big project, with Gulp you'll probably end up with a max of 200ms. That, and a personal preference for the more intuitive way in which you configure Gulp.


If you run into any issues whatsoever, do let me know.

This is my first github contribution made as a HUGE thanks to the community. I expect some things to not be perfect.


This boilerplate is licensed under MIT. For more details, please see LICENSE.txt.