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The story is a simple website that lists various katas (small tasks) for learning ECMAScript 6 by doing it. Each kata links to tddbin and loads the according source code in there. All you have to do is fix the failing tests. And by doing so you are supposed to use and learn ES6 one small task and feature at a time.


It all started by trying out ES6 in tddbin when I had put babeljs in there so one could play with the latest version of JavaScript.

While learning it I realized that writing unit tests is always a good way to learn new things, even language features. So that's how the first #es6kata came about. And since the new writing it down is a commit it all ended up in the katas repo and @basecode then brought up the idea to use a github search and make a site that lists all the katas. In the beginning I was sceptical, since I wasn't sure if it would really continue. But meanwhile there are already a good number of katas. That's how this repo came about.


This site uses lit-html for abstracting away the DOM (as I like to call it). On top it also uses lit-html for server-side rendering, which creates a static version of the page that loads in an instant and the client-side waiting times are minimal.


Since nobody has nodejs installed globally anymore, this project doesn't either. Node is installed via docker and in order to start the project for development run the following command

  • docker-compose build
  • docker-compose run --service-ports node

Inside the container run

  • npm i
  • npm test
  • npm run build
  • npm start

to start the server at port http://localhost:9779

  • to run the tests do ./ npm test


JavaScript katas - learn JS in a structured way.




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