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This is a simple python script which will iterate through a config file, and determine if a list of processes are running or not. It is intended to be added to your shell's init script and be run at login to facilitate expedient triage of system issues.

####Default configuration file locations The script will first try to read ~/.svcstat, and will subsequently try to read /usr/local/etc/svcstat.conf

Specifying the config file to use

the script may be told the path of the configuration file explicitly by invoking the script with the -f configfilepath option

Config File format

The configfile is a csv. Every line is treated as a seperate process to search for.

If there is only one element on a line, that string is used as both the pretty name displayed by svcstat, and the name to search for in the process tree.

If there are two elements on a line, the first element is treated as the pretty name for the process, and the second element is searched for in the process tree.

[user@svchost ~]$ cat /usr/local/etc/svcstat.conf
Apache Webserver,httpd
[user@svchost ~]$ svcstat.py
foo: Not Running
foobar: Not Running
Apache Webserver: Running
sshd: Running


I would love this script to be way more awesome! Do you have an idea for improvement? Great! I'd love your help!

Please fork the repo, and submit a pull request with your changes.



  • 0.1.1 06/29/14
    • Initial release