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Parsing Markdown inside the CMS Gridfield #5

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The way I was able to parse text while viewing the gridfield is like so. I was hoping an easier way (without require statements), but it works in my test enviro.
I made this an issue, so that someone could clear this as working for others.

        $config = GridFieldConfig_RelationEditor::create()->addComponents(
            new GridFieldSortableRows('SortOrder')
        $f = new GridField('Testimonials', 'Book Testimonials', $this->Testimonials(), $config);
                        "Title" => function($obj) {
                             return MarkdownExtended($obj); 
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Testimonials', $f);

Actually, the question is how to bring the function($obj){} outside setFieldFormatting() and formatting the other columns at once



do you know about getters and setters? Maybe you can do it with them: relevant DOC entry:



Thank you, I will update the issue with the right getter function.

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