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Wolf has a logic within it's code to increase supply slowly to both miners and masternode holders as the network grows. Rewards for confirming transactions on the network are "period based increased" to keep up with networth growth of more "miners" joining, as the network expands the rewards slowly increase so as to stable growth and masternode count. This is reverse to most economic models you see within the crypto community (even with bitcoin). Pure growth on any network warrents slow increases to not only reward (and keep up with) masternode holders but to also keep mining rewards less privy to the joiners of the network who have only mined in the early period.

Most of all crypto networks think that by doing a slow decrease or even a rapid one that they will make the coin value stronger "worth more". In this use case we will not only test but prove that increased rewards slowly over a period will keep up with the demand and grow the network masternodes. This Distribution (economic model) is stable adoption based giving nodes,masternodes,miners and general holders something they can peg to to trade services also. Not over inflated but not under inflated.

It will not only fairly reward miners but help grow the network. Value will be more stable and grow with the network, less spikes.

This concept is the wolfpack cornerstone.


WOLF Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

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