Java library to forward messages of Slack to IRC and vice versa
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Slack2IRC Bridge Build Status

Slack2IRC Bridge uses the Simple Slack API to get a connection to Slack. It also uses PircBot to get a connection to any given IRC server. The main task of Slack2IRC Bridge is to forward every message of Slack to IRC and vice versa.


Simply write a configuration file as described below and start Slack2IRC Bridge by building the maven project and then call java -jar target/<jarFile> --config=<propertiesFile> (e.g., java -jar target/slack2irc-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar --config=slack2irc.config).


Slack2IRC needs a proper configuration file to get connected to Slack as well as to IRC.


  • slackAuthToken: See the Slack page about Bot Users to get know what to do in order to set up a new bot user for your Slack team (and what to do in order to get an auth token).
  • slackChannel: Name of the Slack channel the bridge will forward IRC messages to
  • ircVerbose: Set to true if you want verbose output from PircBot (note that since this is all beta there is also a lot of output from the simple-slack-api)
  • ircNick: Username (nick) of Slack2IRC Bridge on your IRC network
  • ircServer: IRC server to connect to
  • ircPort: Port of the IRC server to connect to
  • ircPassword: Specify a password if you need to (e.g., for connecting to a BNC)
  • ircChannel: Name of the IRC channel the bridge will join and forward Slack messages to (note that there has to be a # sign in this case)


Emojis in Slack are enclosed by colons. If you want to replace the text-based emojis in IRC, use the file src/resources/slackemojis.config. If you don't want to replace emojis, leave the file empty.