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Groovy script with Grape dependency example

This example was documented in the following blog post: GraalVM with Groovy and Grape - creating native image of a standalone script


  • GraalVM 1.0-RC11
  • Groovy 2.5.2
  • GROOVY_HOME environment variable has to be set
  • JAVA_HOME environment variable has to be set

Running examples

Using groovy command line processor

Start with running the first example:

Website contains 96 links.

real	0m1,891s
user	0m4,360s
sys	0m0,144s

This script uses groovy command line processor to execute CountLinks.groovy script.

Using java command

In the second example we compile the script (using static compilation) and we execute it as a Java program.

Website contains 96 links.

real	0m1,229s
user	0m1,372s
sys	0m0,059s

As you can see the execution time in this case was reduced from 1.891s to 1.229s.

Using GraalVM native image binary

In the last example we will use GraalVM binary generated with native-image command. Compile the native image first:

[countlinks:528]    classlist:   2,022.68 ms
[countlinks:528]        (cap):     911.93 ms
[countlinks:528]        setup:   2,369.79 ms
[countlinks:528]   (typeflow):  41,021.63 ms
[countlinks:528]    (objects): 103,134.84 ms
[countlinks:528]   (features):   1,316.05 ms
[countlinks:528]     analysis: 147,270.00 ms
[countlinks:528]     universe:   1,507.50 ms
[countlinks:528]      (parse):   4,592.82 ms
[countlinks:528]     (inline):   3,986.46 ms
[countlinks:528]    (compile):  34,415.75 ms
[countlinks:528]      compile:  45,534.55 ms
[countlinks:528]        image:   9,027.79 ms
[countlinks:528]        write:     591.78 ms
[countlinks:528]      [total]: 208,493.04 ms

Now you can run the last example:

Website contains 96 links.

real	0m0,200s
user	0m0,022s
sys	0m0,014s

The last example shows that we have reduced execution time from 1.229s to 0.200s.


Creating a Docker image

You can also create a Docker image using the Groovy script. The image handles compilation and native image creation, so you don't even have to have GraalVM installed on your computer.

Building an image

docker build -t countlinks .

Running countlinks in a new container

docker run --rm --read-only countlinks

Running countlinks in a running container (detached)

In this case we firstly run a container that opens /var/log/yum.log file and follows changes in this file with tail -f. This way the container does not terminate and we can attach to it and execute commands.

docker run -d --name countlinks --rm --read-only --entrypoint "tail" countlinks -f /var/log/yum.log

When the container is running we can use docker exec to execute command.

docker exec countlinks cd /app && ./