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This plugin is not being worked on anymore. Instead, I recommend using Hector
as a dependency in your grails project, and use it directly. There is no
advantage to this plugin anymore.
Cassandra Version: 0.7.0
Hector Version: 0.7.0-23
Grails: 1.2.2 or higher
(For cassandra version 0.6, please use version 0.5.4 of this plugin)
This is INCOMPATIBLE with cassandra 0.6 or earlier. It will also be incompatible
with earlier versions of this own plugin. You'll have to re-do the api calls
when upgrading to this version of grails-cassandra.
If you are testing this, it assumes a stock Cassandra 0.7 server is running on
your localhost. Test cases require that you invoked the JMX method
StorageService.loadSchemaFromYAML after channing the partitioner to
org.apache.cassandra.dht.OrderPreservingPartitioner. This is due to the default
assumptions made by the hector tests.
grails install-plugin cassandra
edit grails-app/conf/spring/resources.groovy:
beans = {
This grails plugins provides a service to enable easy access to Cassandra
from within grails. It is not intended to be a GORM mapping layer.
It specifically wraps the Hector ( API which
makes it easy to connect to Cassandra without dealing with the thrift layer.
Hector also provides for connection pooling, etc. Hector has gone through
a new API version, so this plugin has to as well.
You can use hector directly, or make use of the helper methods I added to
take advantage of 'groovy-way' to do things. Look at
for examples of using both.
Primary goals of this project is to have a service that provides easy access
to Cassandra. This includes simplify lookup and setting of Cassandra values,
and optionally hiding 'NotFound' exceptions. (The ruby Cassandra plugin
returns an empty hash if a searched for value does not exist. Java plugin
throws an exception.)
Thanks to iMemories for allowing me to open-source this code.